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UPDATES  - The group has recently created a brand new historical database to  provide a collection of photographic, video and audio material that has been given over the years. The aim is to categorise any information previously collected so as future generations can easily search for details about their own family history and previous events . It is still early days but we will be seeking funding and volunteers to manage the new database with the hope of making the collection available on-line. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members and sponsors for your continued support which has made these projects possible. In the meantime do not forget the group has access to the old Island History Trust collection in digital format. Should you require assistance in searching for your own family history or specific places please feel free to contact us or use the links below.

The History Room will soon be undergoing a bit of a refurbishment,  nothing major, just a general clear up and cosmetic spring clean.  It is expected this will happen week beginning Aug 22 and will give a more comfortable environment for all historical groups wishing to use the room.

Contact Address:

St John's Community Centre, The History Room
37-43 Glengall Grove
London E14 3NE


Mike Seaborne 1980s Photo Collection -

Mick Lemmerman's Isle of Dogs historical name & address database

Mick Lemmerman's acclaimed book The Isle of Dogs During World War  with limited editions produced by Friends of Island Trust contact

The Island Board Walk - Isle of Dogs heritage walking trail

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